Fraud and breach of contract

Location/place: 51-B, Pine homes, Dhakoli, Zirakpur,Mohali

Name of company/service: Hare Krishna Packers & Movers/ Geeta Packers & Movers, Gurgaon

Dear Sir,
I contacted Hare Krishna Packers & Movers,Gurgaon (Mr Kuldeep Mob. No 9910200793) after seeking packers & movers on internet on 12 jun 2012. His persons visited my place 973,sec 21, Gurgaon and agreed to pack,load, transport, unload & unpack my household items. He and his persons came and packed and loaded my all items except motorcycle in tata 407 truck on 14 Jun 2012. They told us that they didn’t have packing material right now and they would pack it in his office. They given us receipt of Geeta Packers & Movers, Gurgaon.I protested on the change of name of company but they argued that the owner of the company is same and we should not worried about it. I paid Rs. 3,000 for the insurance of my goods. They told us that our goods would reach in Zirakpuron same night but it didn’t reach till morning. I inquired him many times but he didn’t reply satisfactory. At 9.00 a.m. he told me that truck would reach at 11.30a.m. but it didn’t happened. Then he didn’t answer my phone calls even we ranged all the numbers given on his documents and driver was telling a lie about his location every time. They changed the truck without any information and loaded my goods in another truck HP64-2231 along with the other goods of Harjeet transport company of Ambala around 3.30 pm. Our goods were not kept properly in truck by non professional people. That truck first went to drop the articles of transporter to Chandigarh and then reached to my place at around 7.00pm. In meanwhile we had to leave lucknow afternoon but couldn’t because of his irresponsible behavior. he was well informed about my program. They didn’t send his people to unload and unpack our goods. He refused to do so. He used the abusive language to us and said we might burnt the truck he wouldn’t care about it. Finally I arranged the local labour to unload the truck. Our goods were not in good condition most of the costly glass items were broken and kitchen items were also up and down. It was a great mental harassment to me and my family.
Please penalize the irresponsible company and reward us Rs.1,00,000 as compensation.
Your Sincerely
Smt. Lakshmi Sharma
51-B, Pine Homes,
Dhakoli, Zirakpur,
Mohali (Punjab)
Ph. No. 9417425783, 9411175045

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