Fraud of Airtel Money

I was unable to transfer money from my Airtel account to my bank account to i tried calling the customer care numbers 8800012121,9717797177 but both are not working.

I tried another number online. when I called a guy picked up the phone and told he is from Airtel money customer service Gurgaon. when i explained him my problem he said ” you are account is not upgraded, i need your Airtel pin for upgrading it” so i gave it. i received an OTP from Airtel after few minutes, in total i got 5 OTP from Airtel, so I believed he was genuine, there was some problem, he took 15 minutes to upgrade my account and told me my pin is changed.

After that he ask my debit card number for verification to transfer the money to my bank account, which I gave but again he asked for my cvv and expiry date, i got angry and denied it. he said if I won’t share, he won’t be able to transfer money to bank account.

I hung up the phone, but he next msg I received is ” Rs. 900 has been transferred from your AIRTEL MONEY MOMBAI IND “.

I mailed Airtel regarding this, but have not got any reply yet.

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