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Dear Sit,

I ahve placed an order with, on 26-July. They have come back to me on 08-july that the order which i have placed is out od stock, for whcih i have to reply ther mail fro cacelation of order. Which i ahve done on 01-Aug, but since they are not repsonding on refund of money. After 15 days i ahve called there customer care centere, they are replying now my money refund will take more then a month. While consuming money from my acount they ahve not take more then 2 minutes, now for refund they want more then a month.

Even on phone at begining they are replyng like there is no such order placed, after i get inot hard conversation, they are responding that money will refund in more then a month.

Please help,they are holding my money unecesarily.

Thanks & Regards,
Vishwajit Devnath

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