Location/place: india

Name of company/service: menon

i have already complained regarding this fraud person mr nitheesh menon who runs this fraud company known as….or fraud jobs dot com.
it is a humble request guys.please do not call up or even click on his website..
cause with every click this person earns more than a dollar!!
once you order for the package they will send you a cd which has nothing in it except some webite names which you can even google and find out!
the cost of the cd is rs1250/ and after you try to call you are given a link to create a google adword account and an affiliate account with…
and after that begins the waiting game…
guys,its been a month now and i have not made even a penny but i am only running from pillar to post to catch hold of this cheater.
and if you complaint against him he will say that you have a website which you want to promote and your trying to malign his name.
do not believe him guys….he even said tht he would change his name if i did not make a minimum of rs10,000 in a month!!
well,you’ll can now call him mr cheater menon!!
i have lost my money,time and endless sleepless nights over this fraud man..
it is a humble request to everyone out there who has been duped by this man and website to join hands with me and put this fraud man behind bars!!!
you can email me on [email protected]/[email protected]

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