At first I got a call from “Future Clouds” saying that they would provide an opportunity to work abroad after registering into their website and they asked for Rs 5310 as Registration fee. Soon after the registration, I got a call from a lady named “Ishita Saxena” saying that my registration is confirmed and discussed about many openings. In order to move forward with further verifications, she asked me to pay Rs 12500 through online ASAP which was refundable. She insisted me to agree the terms and conditions and then to proceed with the payment. After that again the same person asked me to pay another Rs 17000 to the desired Company for VISA and ticket formalities. When I questioned about Rs 12500 that I already paid, she said that it would be refundable only when I pay the latter amount. When I denied and disconnected the call, she called again and again and insisted. I would like to make this as a complaint and request to take further actions and for a refund ASAP. :::: FRAUD

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