Hello Sir,
My name is Santanu Nayak a resident of Kolkata. While surfing my Facebook account I saw an online shopping website known as ‘’ in Facebook itself where they were offering some interesting deals now I ordered a pair of Denim Shirts which coated me Rs. 798. But what I ordered and what I got are completely different from each other. I got some cotton check shirts which is not what I had ordered. I placed the order under my mother’s name Sunetra Nayak as she’s always at home and can collect the order whenever possible. Now when I am placing my return they are saying that whatever the amount of the product is you will get it as a Store Credit but please Note This.: That when I was placing the order I checked the out as a guest which means I don’t have any account in this website. So I am failing to understand how am I going to get my money back. This is my Order ID 143661000023060. Can you please look into this as I am really worried.

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