Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: Daikin

This is Rishab from gurgaon,As you all know that Daikin is leading in producing AC.I have purchased there AC on 3rd of May 2012 till date i have raised issue that there Output unit is not working properly as i have notice that when is switch on to AC my room temperature is almost the same from outside.As today i called them to change the Output unit as its in Warranty they told that the issue is with our stabilizer not with the Ouptup Unit i also told him that we can’t sleep whole night because there Output doesn’t work in night.Its just that”uche dukan pheke pakvan”.i have also told them that we have three more Ac’s that are working properly but there is no one to listen.Its only customer has to follow them or to chase them for ever thing they don’t even bother to call you customer yo ask there qurey.To all i won’t suggest you to go for DAIKIN.

Rishab Singhal

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