Location/place: Vasant Kunj

Name of company/service: Sri Sharda Institute of indian management and research

I am writing this complaint as i had been forced to quit from the b school shri sharda institute of indian management -research vasant kunj where i was pursuing my pgdm course .It all started when i joined the institute on the basis of scholarship (sports quota).They promised me that i will get the laptop and other benefits but have not given me anything . They have not given me the laptop and even the books are not given to us permanently but are issued to us from the library to study for the exams and then are taken back from the students. It was clearly mentioned in the letter that it will include laptop ,books, foreign tour etc but have not got most of the things .The cmt & md of this institute shows his power and all the students are scared to file a complaint against this person .I was never concerned about the laptop and didn’t want to make a complaint for such a minor thing and create a bad impression but now it has gone over the limit. They levy so many illogical monitory fine on students and don’t consider their appeal as well. Their fine range from 500-150000 and dont know to what limit they can exceed to. Having an autonomous status they make their own illogical rule and regulations one such is that they have told that no delhite will be allowed to do internship in delhi itself inspite of wheather the student is gettting a good internship or not . They have mentally harassed me and have forced me to quit from this institute.I belong to a middle class family and have invested a very hefty amount of Rs 300000 and 1 year in this institute. Last year we had 120 seats out of which around 40 students left the college and were harassed as well and now from our batch 3 students have left and i will we the fourth one. It all started when i asked them to give me the laptop as well as other students have got ,since that day they got after me and have been imposing monitory fine and various problems on me .Please I would like to get in touch with any of the concerned person as i am getting depressed day by day .Please save my fututre and ensure that such institute don’t get recognition from AICTE . We were told that we can take internship either on our own or through college , If we have to do internship on our own then we have to follow a procedure which i certainly did that but as these people have been creating problems for me ,for my internship also they did that and told me to do internship from some other state . I applied for Mumbai karvy , as was asked by my placement cell head , I provided her with all the details regarding my stipend and other details but suddenly she told me that you have to go to join Apollo types Mumbai when i told them about karvvy and after that she said that now your internship has been arranged in Chennai. A student who can’t afford his fees , how can he afford such illogical things , why they didn’t allow me to do internship from delhi itself ,what is the reason behind this when i asked them they said don’t argue go with the policies and when i tried to abide to the policies they created more problems for me. If something happens to me then in that case my institute that is shri sharda institute of indian management-reseach will be responsible for it as they have harassed me and put me in this state .Please help me as soon as possible, help me in getting the maximum amount that i have paid to the institute as i have paid full 1 year fees. Hope to get your help please help me i will approach human rights commission as well.
It took me a little time as some of my friends were also pursuing their PGDM from that college and I was scared that if I will lodge a complaint then he might haress them .Now when the course is over I have decided to take your help and get justice to the money and time I invested there.I have already communicated this to AICTE but revert has come from their end probably because of that CMT influence.

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