Location/place: JALANDHAR

Name of company/service: KOTAK LIFE INSURANCE

Dear Sir/Madam
Above policy no. 02461517 was issued on 07mar’2012 in favour of sanjeev bhatia and it is to inform you that this is 420 case. i was contacted by mr kamal sharma and miss aditi from citi bank new delhi as they refered me that you take the policy of kotak and we will grant you limit of 10 lacs against your policy bond . If we will not senction the limit you will get the full refund of policy either it is after 15 days which was the clause of policy. we admitted that and they depute mr. gurpal from jalandhar kotak office who also assured about that and took cheque of rs.50000 . we asked him on phone so many times that we have not received the policy and he said that it is under process. first time policy was not done and the money transfered to my account no. 05642151018814 of obc bank. mr gurpal again contacted us with their kotak manager and take cheque again which was cleared and we got the policy.
we then contacted citi bank miss aditi and kamal sharma and they said it will be done with in week or 10 days but all in vain. now when they are not now picking up the phone and i contacted citi bank locally and they said they have no such policy of giving limit on behalf of kotak policy and i came to know that is has been fraud and we were cheated by both citi and kotak persons.
now yesterday i called up mr gurpal and he also said that he dont know about sharma and aditi to whom he was refered for me.
i also visited your local office in ja;landhar in prime tower mr gurpal was not there.
please lok in to the matter and advise for refund immidiately otherwise i will knock the door of police ,media consumer courts and then it will be a problem for you.
depute your local manager to collect policy from me for full refund.
thx nd regds

also i have given statement to mr gurpal from your kotak jalandhar office to refund the amount
adv urgently as my money blocked with you

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