Hi people.. If any one of you are thinking to go to Navigon technologies in mumbai solutions through Talent Riders company in hyderaqbad, then please DON’T!!! Its a fraud company. the consultancy has taken 50,000 rupees for placing students in this company. First of all there is no office. They just rent out auditoriums or seminar halls and pretend to give training to students. There are no certified trainers. No bank accounts made for employees. No identity cards. Basically, nothing to link or identify them for. They make you work for 2 months and then ran off. Every time they just said “we need time, we will give salary by next week”. They have done this to over 190 students. Now their phones are switched off and the mails are not being replied. Even the consultancy is not taking responsibility for it. There are two people named “Susheel kumar madhav rao sarangu” and “Dhanavanthraj naik”. These are frauds who play with students future just for money. My friends got fooled by them. Just make sure they don’t do the same to others as well.

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