Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: C.S. Prasad

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have lost complete faith in your services. Recently one of your Executive as my memory he is Mr. Rajesh from your Zhandevalan, New Delhi office called & informed me that if I pay Rs 3000.00 he will close the Credit Card account once for all. Accordingly I have paid Rs 3000 by way of cheque which was acknowledged by your Bank. But to my utter surprise Rs 10000 has been debited from my Savings account. How could this be possible? The said Rs 10000.00 is not transacted by me & with regard to the same I have complained also.
Unless it is credited back to my account I will complain this to Reserve Bank of India for appropriate action against your Banking Services & also sue for damages.
I am afraid that from your BPO’s our details are leaking as some times ago a Doctor was also duped which was reported in Times of India. I have lost trust in your Banking & you are not taking adequate measures to stop the fraudsters.Now we fear to take any calls from any of your customer call services also.
Awaiting your earliest reply.

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