Location/place: gwalior

Name of company/service: homeshop 18

i had placed an order my order no is 919284929 of amount 1800 agint which i had used my gift coupon after that i had to pay 256 for the legging and 1333 for the kit now i they send me the message that my order for the kit for the amount rs 1333 has been cancelled and other has been dispatched. I had called to the customer care that why my order has been cancelled that they say u have to place the order again with 1499rs than i asked but what about the last order than they say they can`t do anything for that. than i asked what about my coupon no that means it has been wasted by you and you are making me fool with message that the stuff is out of stock that but the order is still in stock. they replyed in an rude way ans say kartee raha phone.i am not eeting what kind of service it was the are cheating openly and have no regret for that they had sanded me the local legging without any labeling on it

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