Location/place: India

Name of company/service: country club

Reason of Dispute-
Details below for raising a dispute against a transaction of 70,000rs to country club.
We get call from Noida country club that we win 2 free vouchers and for collecting the same you need to come to our office.When we went there they told that before

giving vouchers you have to listen our plan.Then after explaination they start forcing to take the plan.

After explanation the plan to us shekher from country club asked whether we are interested then we said we are thinking, then he said to give credit card then we said

no we dont want to do the payment unless we got everything which you are telling plan offers in written. Then he told don’t worry we will not swap the card now we are

taking just for doing photo copy. After giving my card within seconds another emplyoee came and credit card was swept and 70000 debited around 5 pm . Then we shouted

on him that we told not to swap until you will give everything in written. Then shekher start arguing with us and 3-4 people came and talked us in wrong way and

telling us that you will get everything in written in welcome kit within 15 days. And he didn’t gave anything in written to us that time. Then just after that when we

told that we don’t want this membership then they told us to write an application for cancellation. Then the Manager signed our application and give us the photocopy

and told us that cancellation procedure will take 20-25 days and your money will be refunded within 20 days. But after 1 week they simply told that your membership can

not be cancelled. BEFORE taking membership during plan explanation they told that in future also you can cancel this and we will return money after deduction.

When they explained the plan they told that with 70000 you will get 16 years of membership but after that we came to know from country club customer care that it is

for 10 years only.Also during explaination of plan they told that additional 6500 per year you need to give only if you will use our sports club,gym spa etc otherwise

no need to give. But after taking membership we came to know that anyhow we need to give 6500 per year even though if we will not use the club.

So this is clear fraud case and they cheated us by showing bad behavior and swaped the card without informing us. We are going to consumer court also after a while.

Please understand our situation as 70000 is not less amount for us due to bad financial condition and please help us to fight against this kind of fraud cases

happening in india so that in future nobody like us is being cheated.

We are attaching a bill in which numbers highlighted in yellow colour are the numbers of country club with whom we contact. We also got call from hyderabad country

club office whose detail didnot come in our bill. We contacted country club 15 – 20 times but didnot get satisfactory reply.The number highlighted are of followimg


1.Shekher Chaudary, noida country club- 9871668799
2.Sanjeev kasana, noida country club- 9560989228
3.Gulendra- 9910296362
4.Customer care- 011-33582604

Credit Card Number- 4023684611652005
Date and Amount of transaction- 9 june 2012 and 70,000 rs.

Hoping for a kind and helpful reply from your end so that this type of fraud will not happen to any other middle class peples.

Shiv Gupta

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