Franchise India Scam : Fake Allegations

The adage, “A lie travels around the globe while the truth is putting on its shoes” reveals how real facts get clouded by the monstrosity and ubiquity of fake complaints deluging the internet. A classic example is the pervasiveness of fake Franchise India complaints that reveals how mischief mongers love to spin a yarn about their competitors. Realising that this may not be enough to bring down the reputation of a company with a solid customer base and influential business partners, competitors started publishing fake complaints to lend a false impression that the company had taken its customers for a ride by cheating them off their hard-earned money.

The company’s annual Funds Flow Statement reveal otherwise. Huge investments made by people willing to earn by participating in the franchising business and testimonials published on their customers’ websites have highlighted how the expertise of Franchise India management has helped hundreds of investors to become franchises of reputed business houses. The Franchise India complaints published on the web are mostly in sync with announcement of events organised by the company or news of accolades showered on the company for its performance by reputed business analysts.

While the company has regularly issued notifications against the fake Franchise India consumer complaints across various sites, it is its performance that has kept the company in good stead ahead of their peers and competitors. Prolonged experience, expertise and advanced knowledge of the market have made Franchise India into what it is today – a company that only enjoys credibility among its partners, but also its end consumers.

Summary: The franchising industry is still nascent in the Indian context. People invest in this business hoping to earn large profits, while remaining unaware of how this industry works. Even the most trivial nature of losses can cause investors and customers to fume and post negative comments. Not every Franchisee India consumer complaint or comment is true; most of them are nothing but figments of malicious nature.

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