Franchise India Complaints : Fake Statements

Allegations against Franchise India are mounting across most company review websites. Posted under the guise of Franchise India customer and consumer complaints, these complaints have evoked curiosity and concern regarding the company’s current standing in the market and its future. Investors and consumers unsure about what and whom to believe turn to the advice of business experts only to realize how fake complaints had been posted by Franchise India’s competitors to malign the company’s image.

Hoping that their ill-conceived trick of disseminating fake messages across the web will bring down Franchise India’s image and thus shut down its business, incompetent competitors have chosen to bring their act together in damaging its name, while hoping to gain some business out of it. Ironically, negative publicity has done more good to Franchise India than bad as consumers ignorant of how the franchising industry works have come forward to learn about the franchising business and invest in the same. In a country, where knowledge of the franchising business is limited to only a few, Franchise India stands tall with its prolonged years of experience and expertise.

Franchise India is essentially a consulting firm backed by a proactive marketing team, a customer care team that works with utmost zeal, advanced technological background and huge customer base created out of years of hard work and goodwill. While it takes nearly half a century for a business to gain fame and ground, Franchise India’s team with its utmost dedication and single-minded devotion has managed to create a business empire with a name to reckon with.

A close look at the testimonials that highlight how Franchise India’s proficiency has helped thousands to make an informed choice of the right franchise, the truthfulness behind such complaints becomes questionable. Happy and satisfied customers have authenticated how the company’s management have played an immense role in the franchise expansion of both national and international investors. The company has chosen not to respond to all Franchise India consumer and customer complaints, but to revert to those queries only deemed genuine. “Not everything deserves a response” is the mantra that successful people follow, and so does Sachin Marya.

Summary: A quote by a former U.S. President Winston S. Churchill, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks” encapsulates the current chaos created by Franchise India’s jealous competitors and the company’s response to it. Fake Franchise India consumer complaints are just a manifestation of the popular “Indian Crab Story”.

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