Fradulent Transactions in my account

No Date Transaction Description Amount
1 14-11-2014 VIN/SUVIDHAA IN/20141114011053/1 3,000.00
2 14-11-2014 VIN/PayU /20141114011127/1 15,000.00
3 14-11-2014 VIN/FREECHARGE /20141114011201/1 3,000.00
4 14-11-2014 VIN/PayU /20141114011225/1 2,000.00
5 14-11-2014 VIN/PayTM /20141114011418/1 3,000.00
6 14-11-2014 IIN/ /20141114011734/1 2,000.00
7 14-11-2014 IIN/ /20141114012135/1 1,555.00
8 14-11-2014 IIN/ /20141114013408/1 1,000.00
9 14-11-2014 VIN/PayTM /20141114013617/1 500.00
All the above transactions were done without my consent or knowledge in the morning of 14 Nov 2014 early morning at 5.00 am when i was asleep.This must be done by somebody having access to the bank KYC information as nobody else would be able to transact at such an alarming speed .Please note all the above transactions happened within 3 minutes.I immediately called the hotline and was informed that the card would be blocked to prevent any further transactions.When i asked about the future course of action i was told that the issue would be looked into and resolved with a time frame of 45 days .On further enquiry the operator also confirmed that the transactions were done at a Gurgaon based IP address and it is possible to trace out IF THE BANK WANTS to retrieve the money and ensure that the customer is taken care of.Since i am holding this account for quite some time and being my first ever savings account and the bank of my choice i was hoping that this issue would be sorted out.But i was surprised at the level of stupendous answers and replies that i got from the bank regarding the issue.I was told that the Debit card has undergone a 3D Secure Authentication, which is a 2nd level authentication specifically built in for online transactions done through Merchant Websites. I am still baffled as to how the OTP was generated as there was no sms sent to my registered mobile phone .But the person replying basically seems to be programmed to copy paste the same info to queries posted at different levels under different names which means rather than trying to get to the issue the bank is just trying to get the customer frustrated and let it go .I would like to know how to get the money back or what else needs to be done to ensure that this bank or its corrupt and unreliable people (with access to sensitive Information like KYC)does not rob more people of their hard earned money .I am sure the bank has found out new ways to extract money from people this way and hope people start closing their ICICI bank accounts as this bank has seriously lost its creditability if you consider its the bank with the most fraudulent transactions happening over the years.
Please advise
Thank you

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