Fradulent Extended warranty – Autocop central locking system

Location/place: NEW DELHI

My Car is fitted with Autocop central locking system, around 6 months back one of the official named inder from Autocop has extended the warranty of the central locking for 3 years by charging Rs 2300/-. he has given the commitment that all the parts related to central locking will be covered under the extended warranty.
Today i faced issue with one of the doors where central locking is not working properly, i logged a complaint to Autocop service centre and their official visited anh examined the car. it was shocking that the service person said the sales people have miscommunicated that all the parts will be the part of extended warranty and i have to pay Rs 225 for one of the central locking part which is not functioning properly.

I contacted the service centre again on this but its of no use. they said the same thing that the part will not be covered under warranty. i want a clarification on what basis the sales person comitted that entire parts of central locking will be under 3 year warranty without examining the parts. would egre consumer forum department to please help either in getting the problem fixed or Auto cop should refund the amount charged against extended warranty.

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