Fradulent deduction of prepaid balance.

Location/place: Ahmedabad

This is regard to my mother’s mobile #976-322-2856. She is 73 years of age and lives in Aurangabad, Maharashtra alone.

She has been regularly recharging her prepaid mobile to call her son and daughter, i.e. me and my sis. I live in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and my sister lives in Silvassa, Dadra Nager Haveli.

My mother told me that her balance is getting deducted at Rs.2 per day for some unknown service and she is not able to understand why? She went to local Idea care but they could not resolve the problem. Then I told her to call 198, but the CSR told her that your balance is empty and nothing is deducted from your balance at this time.

It is such a shame that a senior citizen is troubled just because the company keep an eye on balance credited and starts sending unwanted sms or make unwanted calls and start deducting the balance.

Today, when I called her, she said I was eagerly waiting for your call because I wanted to talk to my grandson but due to unavailability of balance I am not able to call you.

If there is any humanity left with this idea cellular please stop the unwanted calls and sms and fradulent deduction of the balance.

If it was feasible, i could have travelled this 700 km distance just to stop that unwanted deductions but bcoz I do not live here by my choice, I have to wait till my boss permits me.

I would humbly request to Idea Cellular to please stop deduction from the above-mentioned mobile number.


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