Fradulent Bill generation

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: AIRTEL

I had an AIRTEL Broadband connection No 08060192282 and on 13th February called the Airtel customer service and asked to disconnect as I had switched to anothwr efficient service provider. The bill cycle runs from 11th to 12th of a month.

When I first called the call centre on 13th February and asked to disconnect they said that cancellation team will call me. However I never received a call. I repeatedly called 4 times but the response was the same.

I did not use AiRtel at all since Jan 31st when I disconnect. A bill gets generated on 13th March and I call to complaint. They repeat that cancellation team will call I refuse to pay as I have asked a month before to disconnect.

Finally a sensible Manager verified the call records and agreed it was Airtel Inefficiencies due to which Bill was wrongly generated and agreed to reverse the amount. Request No 30950040.

Now I am being harassed by Airtel to pay the bill. When I have not used any data and for thier inefficiencies

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