Fradulent Act by Trackon Couriers

Location/place: Okhla/ New Delhi

Name of company/service: Trackon Couriers


Need to register a complaint against the fraud done by one of courier delivery person while delivering the courier DKT No. 293510121.

The courier was booked from Hotel Park Inn, Gurgaon and sent to my office address #236, Okhla Phase-III, New Delhi-20 on 5th June 2012.

Till 11th June 2012, we waited for the delivery. On 11th June 2012, I enquired from Park Inn and got the DKT details for tracing my courier.

Below are the details available on the website on 11th June 2012 at 15:30 Hrs;

AWB No 293510121

DELHI HEAD OFFICE SOUTH DELHI 45657675 100810433546 06/06/2012 03:59
SOUTH DELHI HUB OKHLA P 301140527387 100380143322 06/06/2012 05:55
OKHLA PHASE 3 SELF R.M.E.X.-9990110204 186010006510 06/06/2012 10:29

There were THREE rows available in the tracking page as stated above.

After enquiry on the number available on the website i.e. 9990110204, Mohan (Trackon Employee) confirmed the delivery of the said courier at my office with the company stamp.

I was surprised to know this and shot a mail to my admin department for their lazy attitude of not informing me regarding my delivery. After detailed search of my courier by company officials confirmed that NO SUCH courier was delivered on 6th June 2012 except FOUR which were came through TRACKON.

After this I again called up Mohan and asked for the delivery receipt. Mohan assured me to deliver the details the next day i.e. 12th June 2012.

After chasing him a lot, calling him atleast TEN times got the delivery note.

To my utter surprise, the delivery person has very SMARTLY done the over writing and adjustment of the AWB No 293510121 in between the 4 delivered items.

Anybody can conclude after having a look on the delivery note that how smartly and mischievously the guy has entered the number in between the 4 items and changed the count from 4 to 5 by over writing.

Since the courier charges were to be paid by me, No payment has been given to the courier guy by my company officials.
And, last but not the least, very smartly the status has been updated by one of your employees on 12th June 2012 of the courier as ‘delivered with company Stamp’ adding the 4th row in the track sheet.

I do have both the screen shots with me for your perusal.

This is a true case of cheat and fraudulent done by the Trackon Courier company and the loss done by your employee will not be spared.

I need to know the feedback at your earliest convenience, thanks.

Inderjeet Singh Tanwar
+91 9717295772

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