Forced Internet Service on Mobile

Location/place: Udaipur Rajasthan INDIA

Name of company/service: Forced Internet service on Mobilephone

By default settings Mobile companies are providing INTERNET setting to every mobile phone at the time of SIM insert in the mobile. WAY?

-1.One who wants Internet settings He/She can demand from operator and he can opt best Internet Plan as per his requirement.

But Who have no need of INTERNET then way mobile companies are providing these settings to them.

Everybody knows still more then 80% mobile users are children, villagers, old people, ladies and illiterate people in our country.

One more important thing many literate people also does not understand proper meaning of given SMS they just Accept the received massage and unknowingly there INTERNET system is ready to start whenever they push wrong button or what will happen by pushing this button and his/her internet will start unknowingly.
Because there are unknown (they are using internet) so they have not selected any special plan of internet Then mobile co. will charge maximum pulse rate on this till remove the customer’s cloths.
Now every company takes feed back for there services from customers time to time but mobile companies are not taking feed back from customers does really they want INTERNET or are they happy with this service.

I just want to tell you it is wrong practice of mobile co. they are not only doing there wrong marketing but also cheating the customers. Few years back companies were giving internet facility on demeaned of customer and that was good for every one..
Many people everyday loosing there money and I am also one of them
Please do the need full for us.
It is a big common problem.

Thanks & Reg.
Ramesh Bhatnagar

[email protected]

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