Force to take an insurance

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Barclays Finance

I have taken the personal loan from barclays finance and they force me to tak e the insurance policy rs. 25000,i told them i can’t pay the primium of this policy then also they force me to take this policy and also took the policy amount rs. 25000 from my loan amount for primium till now i have paid their EMI amount regularly but now i have stop b’coz when i have ask them regarding my rs. 25000 they told me to talk to insurance company, when i spoke to insurance company they told me to surrender the policy. when i surrender the policy i got the refund of rs.26 and when i told Barclays regarding this they are saying we cant do anything in this you have to pay our EMI otherwisw we will put your name in DEFAULTER list.But what about my rs.25000 for which i am also paying intrest to Barclay.they already got their principle amount with intrest.

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