FOR Compensation


Name of company/service: LUFTHANSA INDIA

To Dated: 09-07-2012
Lufthansa Airlines
Customer Relations
Sub: Request for Compensation
I ANJU SAINI travelled from New Delhi, India to Krakow, Poland and Krakow, Poland to New Delhi, India. My return flight from Krakow, Poland to New Delhi, India was connected (Krakow to Munich and Munich, Germany to New Delhi India on 06th July 2012) but during return, from Krakow to Munich flight was delayed by 02 hours, due to this we missed our next flight from Munich to New Delhi, India. We faced so many problems at Munich airport without any facility. Your airline didn’t arrange any hotel for me to spend the night.
Whole night I was in a queue for rebooking at airport and I was in sleep on floor for this I was in fever. On 07th July 2012 morning I got rebooking ticket form Munich to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to New Delhi, India. I didn’t give me any direct flight from Munich to New Delhi, India. It was not my choice, and they allotted me and Saini Anju Mrs. Separate middle one seat not together.
We (Saini Anju and Sarita) have also booked a taxi on 07th July 2012 from New Delhi Airport to Roorkee, we missed that one also and faced too much loss. Since we were two persons and one of us is diabetic patient, totally depends on insulin therapy. Whole night we face many-many problems, all our medicines were in baggage which was not with us. This is totally mental harassment.
Since we are students, starts from mental harassment to money expenses we are totally in loss. For this inconvenience we claim 2000€ to you. If you will not consider ours complain within a week then we’ll forward our application to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India and going to appropriate court for reimbursement and mental harassment.
With Regards
Research Scholar
Dept. of Mathematics
IIT Roorkee
Roorkee-247667, India
Contact No-09756955890
Ticket No: 2572063827378 C1 SAINI ANJU MRS
2572063827379 C1 SARITA MS
On Spot booking ticket No: 2202323519131 SAINI ANJU MRS
2202323519130 SARITA MS

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