Food poisoning from a hotel at Kodaikanal

Location/place: Kodaikanal

Name of company/service: Hotel Midhila, Kodaikanal

Raji K. M.,
Aririnji House,
Palayamparambu (PO),
Thrissur (Dt).
PIN 680 741

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Respected Sir / Madam,

We, 16 people including kids to senior citizen had a trip to Madurai-Kodaikanal on 5th May 2012.

On 7th we had food from a hotel Named Midhila, Lawsghat Road, (Near Bharat Gas) Kodaikanal. The name of the hotel is not confirmed, But it was on first floor of a building.On ground floor there is a garment shop, Parmount Garments, 15/355/1, Lawsghat Road, (Near Bharat Gas) Kodaikanal; Ph.:88700 01899 & 94434 74884. Also there is a bus ticket booking counter on the first floor. On opposite of that building there is a bus stop. Our food from that hotel was rice, sambar, rasam, greenpeas, potato, lemon pickle and pappadam. After that food we started our return journey.

On the way after half an hour some of us started loose motion and vomiting and within one hour all strated the same. 6 of us including myself are ladies and we suffer so much for latrine. Lack of water was another problem. Two of us became unconscious. I can’t explain how we spent that horrible hours. We planned to reach home at 11 pm, but we stayed at Udumalpetta on worst condition. Three people are entered in to a clinic to consult a doctor and gave them drip of glucose. In that hospital we have to remit 3100 Rs. (Amount paid and consulted by some other person, so I don’t know the name and amount correctly now. We know that the clinic authority take advantage of the situation, we were helpless. We know only Malayalam, English and Hindi and not Tamil.) We reached home at 11.40 am on 8th.

Till now all are not in old condition not only that some are taking medicines for this food poisoning. Today also my husband is told to take stool microscopy and blood test.

I don’t know how and where to complaint against food poisoning. But yesterday I got this valuable instruction of consumer court from an Ex-serviceman and I did so. Sorry for the delay.

Please take necessary action against this type of hotel.

Thanking You,
Raji. K. M.

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