Food is sold where in it has already expired

Location/place: Mumbai, Andheri East

Name of company/service: IN & out retail store, Andheri East, Gurunanak Petrol Pump


I have been visiting IN & Out, Gurunanak petrol pump, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri east, near express highway for more than 5yrs now. I am late in writing this mail, may be till yesterday it did not affect me directly.

Couple of things you will notice when you visit the store:
-> Untidy
-> Mismanaged
-> No stock available
-> Unhygienic
-> Shabby staff
-> Give a damn to customer attitude
-> Staff is not even bothered, if food available in the store is expired or not.

Today unfortunately i visited the store and bought couple of things Juice, Galaxy cholcate and Mongini’s potato shells.

I gave choclate to my nephew and with first bite itself he vomited and then i panicking and looked for the chocolate wrapper,…. to my shock… chocolate had expired in March only and i was ending june…

With God’s grace nothing wrong happened and everything is fine…

I would request you to investigate and do an inspection of the store as per quality parameters.


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