Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Dell

I have recently purchased a Sony headphone and found after delivery that the product has issues with the wiring .Hence I wrote numerous emails and called them up .However it seems like they don’t want to listen to me.
Now they are saying that they doesn’t have a stock of the product and will give a FlipKart credit.
So what should i do with the credit .I want the same pair of Headphones apart from the credit .Anyways I could have bought it from a local store .If the stock is not available I cannot purchase it .
Flipkart is least bothered about the after sales service .I have purchased many products from Flipkart , this is the first time I have come across a poor service.
The order is Order ID: OD30527070171
Indian policies and norms are never for the buyers .
They say that I have to wait to buy or buy something else.
It is the buyer who decides what to buy , not the seller.

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