Flash SMS

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Vodafone

I am using Vodafone connection on my cellphone. Vodafone is using an application which flashes the SMS directly on the recipient’s cellphone.

Every 2 mins, an SMS flashes on my cellphone with an ad and gives me 3 options – (OK , back, Cancel) to select and subscribe to that ad. By default the selection is “OK”, that means if by chance I click the menu button on my phone I will be subscribed with these ads without my will.

This a highly condemning way of looting the customer by prompting him to make mistake and rob them of their money.

These people should be put behind bars for such illegal way of robbing people as I can well imagine, how much money they must be making from illiterate people and by mistakes which they force the customers to make.

If there is any law to sue them, I would like to take them to court and screw them to hell.

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  1. 8 years ago

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