Final settlement not done even after 7 months after resignation

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: LGS Global Ltd.,


I have worked in LGS Global for 6 years 2 months and resigned on 28th September 2010. When I was separated from LGS I have been informed that my final settlement will be done after 90 days. I am following up from 5 months still there is no proper response from LGS Global Ltd., about my settlement.
The below perticulars I have to receive:
1. One month salary (6 days less)
2. Grativity for my service of 6 years
3. PF settlement.

Please find the attached file for reference of my communication which I have done with LGS Global Ltd.,

Please advice me how can I proceed to get my final settlement done?

LGS_Settlement_Mails.txt (7 KB)

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