Final settlement approximately Rs. 23600 not yet received after 6 months of resignatioin

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: LGS Global Ltd


I have worked for LGS Global Ltd., for a period of 4 yrs 6 months. I have resigned in March’2011 for the position Senior Network Engineer. When I am being seperated from LGS formalties, I have been intimated that my settlement will be done in 30 days. However, I have not yet received the payment in any mode. The below are the pending from LGS

1. Medical reiumbursement amount for a period of 9 months (Submitted all medical bills before resignation itself)
2. Earn leaves
3. March 2011 worked days

Kindly let us know and help me, how to proceed to get the final settlement

Forum_LGS.txt (4 KB)

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