Location/place: Meerut

Name of company/service: FIAT India

This is with regret I have to inform that the Diesel Punto Emotion car with the number UP15AM2449 is at Vasu Automobiles Meerut because of Engine problem again. The running of the of the car is 90290kms. My car is covered under Extended Warranty and I am shocked to see that Global Administration Services has rejected the claim saying that it is out of scope because of sump damages. Earlier also they have rejected the claim for Fuel Rail which was supposed to be covered under the warranty. I have seen the sump damage because of which they have rejected the claim. Without opening the oil sump how can the surveyor come to the conclusion that the engine problem is because of sump damage. Secondly, it is because of the bad manufacturing of FIAT PUNTO car that there is the sump damage even after the plate has been provided. Customer is not at fault.

Earlier car was at the workshop from 30 June 2011 to 18 August 2011 because of engine problem. The car mileage was around 54142 kms. Half Engine was replaced under warranty. It was assured that the problem will not occur. It is sad to see that the company like FIAT compromising on the quality of the car. We have suffered so much of financial loss because of the poor quality of FIAT punto car. There is some major defect in the car because of which again the engine problem has occured. Our car is covered under Extended Warranty so I request the management to get the engine replaced under warranty. I have spent Rs 70000/- approx on the repair of the car since the purchase of the car in October 2009. My bad decision of buying FIAT car has made me suffered so much of financial loss.

I hope for a favorable response from your end.


Mayur Jain
Mob: 9719366555

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