Faulty voltas AC & worst Services

Location/place: agra

Name of company/service: Voltas AC

Sir as I have purchased a new Window AC of voltas from Sita Furnitures, Agra (UP) on 1st.June.2012. This purchase turned into a nightmare just in few days as the unit has stopped working just in 15 days of purchase. NO COOLING at all, either the compressor cannot start or gas leakage or some other fault. I approched dealer but he asked me to launch complaint against it on the help line no. Sir than i complained under complaint no. 12JL1600111 to the Company’s toll free no. 18002664555 but nothing has been done yet, from last 15 days i am rigorously following on the service centre, chasing them for hours, but no action has been taken.
My concern is Why should i use the machine which has some major technical issue and has stopped working just in 15 days?
Why should i stick to the company’s product who is providing such painful after sales services?
If this is the quality and services they are providing to the coustmer in the beining them who is going to listen me afterwards?

Sir kindly look into the matter and take necessary action against the company so that i wont suffer more.


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