Faulty & Spurious Product

Used yet new, a merchant at eBay is offering refurbished laptops of various categories, I opted to buy Lenovo T430 for an offered price of 21853/- and paid full amount online to the merchant on 03 August 2018 through a link provided by the said merchant. All details can be had from the below-provided link 1. That, the merchant shipped the product and was received around 7th August 2018 and found functionally OK at the first glance. 2. On 10th August, a message received on the laptop screen that the Windows 7 professional used as the Operating System in the Laptop is fake and not genuine, the matter was reported to the e-Commerce co. immediately. 3. It has been almost a week, I am requesting for replacement, as there all efforts to provide Windows 7 new activation keys failed despite the intervention of their technical team. 4. That, despite all initial request to provide a genuine product, the trust is lost, as they are asking to send the laptop through a reverse pick and then they will send me a replacement, I have been asking/requesting that the replacement and pick up may happen at same person/body at same time, which has been continuously denied by them. As they are unable to assist on my request of replacement, they are now insisting on a refund as they have a habit of cheating innocent customers by providing the spurious and defective product at the premium price, because it appears they have all products of the similar defect. Kindly intervene for a justice to the complainant and a lesson may be taught to the merchant once for all as the example so that no further cheating may happen. all communication details are appended here for a JUSTICE to the undersigned. Dr. MANOJ SHARMA 9899507071

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