faulty service and rude behaviour

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: SAMSUNG MOBILE

We purchased Samsung galaxy Ace on 14/11/11( IMEI number-359580040764738) at Samsung smart phone cafe( Crystal connections)- New BEL road,Bangalore-94. Since then it has been repeatedly giving problems regarding battery backup and network drop! THRICE i gave the phone to the dealer(Smart phone cafe) between january and april requesting them to look into the matter. According to the service records. it has reached the service centre ONLY ONCE in April,2012 and that too only for software update.
Recently on 3/7/12, i gave the phone for service to the service centre at Malleshwaram for the same complaint. They said they have updated the software and adviced me to change my sim card(they said network drop was not the phone’s problem but the problem was with my network provider!!!) I followed their advice but the problem persisted .Also, regarding the battery problem,they asked me to observe the backup and assured me for a battery replacement if it dint improve.
Again on17/7/12 I went back the the same complaints ie network drop and poor battery backup!! They spoke in a rude manner. Refused to take the blame! Took the phone for some “observation for 24 hours” and now they say that the network problem is rectified and that the battery has problems.
They had never looked into the battery issue previously when it was in the warranty period. And now they wont give me a replacemnt which they promised on 3/7/12,.!! I CANT bear the costs and harrasment..!!!
Look into the matter ASAP..!!
BOTH the dealers and service centre are refusing to help us now!

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