Faulty Product

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: AVA Merchandising Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Dear Sirs,

I have purchased a remote control toy ( Disney Helicopter ) from AVA Merchandising Solutions Pvt.Ltd. Mumbai Airport. ( Customer helpline Tel # 011- 47169800 , email id : [email protected]). When checked at home it was not working, so I complained & then they replaced it. Again when I checked at home, it was not working. Then they again replaced it. Again when I checked it was not working. This time when I complained, they say that since you have not complained within 48 hrs. we cannot replace. Sir, I am working person, everyday travelling 2 hrs to go to office. So I could not get time to check the toy, since you cannot test it immediately, since you have to charge it for min. 5 hrs. to use it. I could not get time to charge, hence there was delay in complaining. If I have not compalained before 48 hrs, it does’nt mean that they do not have any responsibility. Pls look into the matter & oblige.
Thanks & regards,
Dhananjay Kalamkar
[email protected]

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