Faulty Galaxy S2

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Hypercity

My Greetings to all who read this!

Issue: Faulty Samsung Galaxy S2 handset.
IMEI: 355310043861792.
Purchased date: 5th june 2011
Extended warranty by Hypercity for 12 months after manufacturer warranty expires.
Symptoms of faulty handset: Freezing/Restarts/Heating up so severe that you cant touch the phone/Does not charge at times/Automatically goes into driving mode/ displays charging when not connected to the charger/ Screen image not clear.
In all these event I have lost data where I was forced to do reset where data back up was not an option at times.
I have submitted the Faulty handset to the samsung service centre ( lokhandwalla) Three times.
It takes more than a month to come back in my hands.
The motherboard was replaced once.
Frequent visits to the service centre where they update the same job no.
Finally now the handset is with Hypercity in the second extended warranty claim.
I have requested for replacement to a new piece as Cannot go to the same torture again.
i have deposited the handset on 10th june 2012.
again another month without a phone.
Coincidentally my birthday is on 10th july !

I am very disappointed by Samsung and Hypercity!

Don’t feel that I will buy any more samsung products or pay patronage to Hypercity.

They should look after their customers who have paid a high sum to buy an expensive product Rs 29,999/-

These established companies I feel do not deliver service that the customer deserves.

I am still without my smartphone which I miss dearly.

Thanks and regards,

Edward Sunny Leite.
Mobile no. 9004802707.
Evershine Nagar,
Malad W
Mumbai ’64

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