Faulty Frame of Spectacle

I purchased spectacles from Lawrence & Mayo on 24.05.16 from Golpark branch, Kolkata. The cost of the spectacles with the lenses was Rs. 5850. The lenses kept coming out. I gave it for repair to the same branch who in turn sent it to the workshop. It was returned with the wrong lenses. The second time it was sent for repair, it was not done properly and the lens got removed yet another time. Now the company convinced me to replace the glass of the spectacle. i replaced it on 27.04.18 worth Rs 2635. Again lenses came out of the spectacle.
I have paid several visits to the store and each time I receive an excuse from the salesmen. I also have had to wear my old spectacles which have caused me considerable discomfort. I demand that some compensation be given for the same and the money for the frame be refunded or it may be replaced by a same spectacle of similar price.

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