Faulty Dell Laptop got from Flipkart

I bought a laptop of Dell model “Inspiron 15 5000 Core i5 7th Gen” from flipkart and to my surprise it is not working from the 1st day. It is giving “Booting in insecure mode” and “Bus error” etc. I asked flipkart to replace laptop as it is not working from 1st day as they had 10 days replacement policy but they denied, also 1 of the customer support guy called and spoke very badly with my wife. On asking dell support they performed some hardware test it was success for them. But they do not support OS errors, also to my surprise dell support team told they are giving laptop which does not support OS built in laptop and they are asking to contact support team of OS which charges extra.

Flipkart sold laptop which is not working from 1st day and they are not replacing or returning although they have 10 days replacement policy.
Dell selling laptops which does not support OS which has come built in on buying.
Consumer is suffering as he has bought laptop but it is not working from 1st day due to OS error.

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