Fashion and you worst online shopping portal

Location/place: gurgaon

Name of company/service: Fashion and you

I placed an order from fashion and you on 7th July,2012(order no-1992383).I received parcel and I found that I received a wrong/Defective product. I called their customer care on 7th July, 2012 and informed them that I have received a wrong/Defective product. The customer care executive told me to return the product, I have to first send them the snapshot of the wrong product them only we will decide that we will return the product or not. Anywayz i forwarded the snapshot the same day. then after one days they told me that they wil send me the label and i have return the packet back to them.I hand delivered the product. after that receiving the product they told me that we will refund the money after 48 hrs but on the name on which i have placed the order i.e. Anu but i cleared to them that my full name is Anupreet. and account is also on the same name i.e. Anupreet Kaur. But they were not ready to issue me the cheque on my full name .finally after asking for any other option they told me that i have to send them a affidavit of name change .again i did the way they said. but after continuously following up with them for three days they told me that they havent received the affidavit .but finally again following up with them and sending the mail they told me that they have received the mail. after three day they are saying that we want this affidavit in color scan not in black and white scan then only they will issue me the cheque. Now i am frustrated with them like anything .It actually very irritating for a person .

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