Location/place: KOLKATA

Name of company/service: SAJ Food Product pvt ltd Purna Bhaban 5/1 AJC Bose Road kolkata -20

Sir, I am a member of public. I want to bring to your notice some fact for your kind consideration about the price of a product named “MAST ZEERA” manufactured by Bisk Firm Regd office SAJ Food Producdt Pvt Ltd 5/1 AJC bose road kol-20. the lebel of the product in lot No RB2Y1A date of manf is 18/5/12 the price of the product is shows Rs 30.00 and the lebel marked as “Free 25 Gms” on the three prominent places. the product in previous lot NoPR2AA DOM 16/4/12 show that the product cost is Rs 25.00 how ever the product contains same 225 gms as in the earlier pkd items. My request is that as the product is same in the container of lot no PR2AA and Lot No RB2Y1A is then where is the “Free 25 gms” but price is increased by 20% from the previous price. It is simply misleading the people. moreover the price increased by 20% in a month, there is no such price increase index in a month please look in to the matter.

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