False promises by Partridge

Complaint is against PARTRIDGE PUBLISHING India:

After a couple of phone calls with the sales assistance Denny Manning, I bought your company’s Amethyst Package (project ID 619460). It has been almost 4 months now and I am still yearning to see my work published. I would be grateful if someone in your department can take up my grievances:

1. I had been corresponding with Ann Minoza to reduce the price of the 136 pages which Partridge has decided to price at 350. Eventually, because Ann did not budge from the price, inspite of my trying to tell her that no one in India is going to buy a book at this price, that too from a first time author, I had to go along with Rs. 350.

2. We decided the price of the eBook to be Rs.100. Yet, when the book was published on Flipkart, I see that the price was Rs. 200. I pointed this out to Ann and she commented that she can’t open the website so she is not sure what price the book is listed at !!!?? If it is her team that has uploaded the book at this price, why can’t she directly check with her team??

3. The price of the book outside of India has been set at $8.99. This is outrageous. Doesn’t Partridge understand the concept of price sensitivity? At this price why would anyone go along with a first time writer?

4. The book uploaded at Flipkart doesn’t have a cover image. I pointed this out to Ann and she commented, brace yourself for this….”any changes to online listing takes about 3-4 weeks”…..!!!!???? I have a seller profile at Flipkart…trust me, the online change takes a few minutes. Why this deception???

5. Just very unsatisfied overall with the quality of service in Partridge. I have to wait for days to get an intelligent answer. And then Ann or Kate decide to give it a miss. I am beyond the point of frustration now and I am seriously contemplating taking legal action against your company for all the harassment and misguidance unless you have a good answer for justifying Partridge’s treatment of its customer.

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