Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: New India Pvt. Ltd.

I the sole proprietor of Cars Unlimited had opted for the services of sulekha.Com for listing my cars on their website for sale in the month of the march. The coordinator from their end was mr. Rakesh pandey. I had categorically mentioned to him that I would want 8 pictures instead of 6. He had promised me the same and hence I issued a cheque on 28-03-12 for rupees 10,000/-. Following this I mailed the cars picture to the team. Post this I received a call saying that they will have to crop the pictures as the image size was large as compared to required by you all. However the cropped pictures uploaded by their team were of very poor quality.
Hence I communicated the same to mr. Rakesh pandey. He promised me that he would get this rectified and revert back. I am still waiting for him to revert back. I have made innumerable calls to him which have gone unanswered. After repeated attempts of calling, he said that he will do the needful but DID not deliver till date.
The promises of the services have just been mere verbal promises and not been transformed into deliverable.
I have been using many internet portals like cardekho, carwale, etc.. none of these sites have had such limitations. On saturday 26th may 2012, mr. Rakesh pandey called to inform that he will pay a visit to my office on monday, 28th may 2012, with his manager to resolve the grievances. Today saturday, 2st june 2012, and mr. Rakesh pandey has yet not been able to visit my office with his manager nor have I received any calls for the same.

After mailing my grievances to their customer support I received a call from Ms. Christina from Chennai office on 06th June 2012. She assured me that she will personally look in the account and that she will resolve the whole issue and revert back in a weeks time. A day later Mr. Rakesh Pandey called to say that I should take my complain back and that he might lose his job because of it. I told him that I shall only communicate with Ms. Christina as she has assured to resolve this issue. I called Ms. Christina after a week and she said she is on leave and said will call me back on monday 11th June 2012 but she did not, hence on 16th june 2012 June I called Ms. Christina again and that is when she told me that her bosses have instructed her that she should not handle my account and Mr. Rakesh Pandey will herin take it forward to resolve and close the matter.
She also said that I should expect a call in the next 10minutes from her office. I am still waiting for that call to happen.

I am absolutely amazed at the unprofessionalism of this company ( They seem to seriously lack some moral ethics. There has been no damage control from their end and that shows how very customer centric they are. Its all about making a sale and giving no service in return and if any person stands up to them they really don’t care about the customer after he has made the necessary payment.

I really hope that you @ Akosha will help me resolve this issue and help me get my hard earned money bac.

Mustafa Singaporewalla
Cars UnLimiTed
+91 9920630052

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