false plan activated with false bill

i am lodging this complain on behafe of my grand father mr. raghuvar dayal who is a contumer of idea. my complain is they changed my grand father’s bill plan on 11 march 2018 which i got to know later when the bill arrived. he is aprox 80 years old can’t walk properly has a heart condition and many other medical conditions.i am calling there costomer care and they are blaming me that we have changd it from our end on 11 march and when i asked for the proof they said its not provision to give the proof.i think its a big financial scam that they change the plan and then if you don’t pay the bill they deactivate your sim and at the end you have to give up. but my concern is not just with this financial scam it is also with the fact they are taking advantage of an 80 year old costomer who is ill and that can’t be called treated cumtomer with care.
what i want is either they provide me the full proof of detailed investigation behind this scam or they changed my bills to the original amount with a penalty of 1 crore rupees for the disturbence n mental damage created by them.
detaIls: idea number- 9219742830
customer name- Raghuvar Dayal
contact number- 9108934992
contact person- divyansh tayal(Grandson)

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