False Medical Report Report

Location/place: JAIPUR (RAJASTHAN)

Name of company/service: Dr Goyal Path Lab and Imaging Center

In order to that I like to mention that I had visited to Goyal’s Path lab and Imaging Center, Jaipur (Rajasthan) for blood group test of my pregnant wife on October 10, 2011. According to the report the blood group of my wife was B+ (B Positive).
For the delivery of baby my wife went to her parental home which is at Jodhpur (Rajasthan).
Fortunately my wife delivered a girl child on May 2, 2012 but due to some medical reasons the mode of delivery was Caesarian Section. So at that time she required a unit of blood. The Dr. gave me the blood sample and requisition form with request of one unit of B+ positive blood.
When I reached to blood bank with sample and requisition form, the pathologist of the blood bank test the blood group of the sample and he reported that it is not B positive blood as mentioned in the requisition form. So he refused to issue me the blood.
I immediately came back to hospital and shared the whole incident with Dr., then she retest the blood group and now she reports that it is AB positive.
Again I went to blood bank with requisition of one unit of AB+ blood and sample of the blood. This time again pathologist test the sample and now it was matched with the blood group mentioned on the requisition form.
In that entire incidence, she had given 4-5 times her blood for a simple blood test. Also in that serious condition of my wife I had to travel 4 times between hospital and blood bank. The blood bank was around 8 km far from the hospital so the travel time and retest the blood took around 2 hours. In that critic situation it may cause a serious problem or maternal death also.
So I requested to you for closely monitor the quality of this private laboratory and take some action on the same.
1. Blood Test Report of Goyal Lab and Imaging Center, Jaipur
2. Blood Test Report of Jeewan Jyoti Nursing Home, Jodhpur

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