False Commitments

Location/place: Nashik, Maharashtra.

Name of company/service: Tata Indicom

I had applied for a new broadband connection of tata indicom on thursday, 5th July,2012.
They said the connection will be installed by friday or max by saturday morning.
When i called them on saturday, they postpone the installation on Monday morning. And same is done to Monday evening.
After calling everyone from the Company for about 10 times specially Mr.Suryawanshi, they tell me now that the installation will take atleast more 4-5 days.
I am tired of the fake promises made by the company to the consumer, for them we have to cancel our other plans and sit at home. My connection was urgent and important. If they had told me earlier it will take this long, I would have opted for some other company. Its not that the installation takes time, they did it previously within 24 hours.
And the worst part is the reasons I am getting from Mr.Suryawanshi.
Sometimes he tells me, ” 4 baje thoda aaraam karne ka time rehta hain, issiliye nahi abhi woh aaega install karne”
” kal sunday tha na, toh aaj thoda late hoga”
I dont understand how does a sunday workday affect on monday’s workday.
The other reasons were equally hard to believe.
If someone who is reading this knows about how I can teach these people a lesson, please help me out.

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