Location/place: DELHI

Name of company/service: HDFC BANK

I have applied for a credit card,where I have committed by HDFC that My credit Limit will be a specific amount,but after preparation of credit card and I got the card, the original limit is 30% of the commited amount,though I am 100% eligible,I talked to HDFC So many times and sent various letters to their H.O as per their request along with all the document they require from my side,and from last 2 months my request is under process.Every time they making stupid.
Before purchasing the good I have confirmed from their c.c Regarding the due date and now they are sending the bill of 2 month all together though it was on EMI Scheme.How they confirmed me and now sending the bill.It is just false commitments and service provided by HDFC.

The HDFC Customer service is very poor,The Bank should stop issuing credit card instead of giving false commitment to the customers.

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