False commitment & pathetic customer care service

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel Digital TV

Unfortunately I had ordered a Airtel HD digital TV connection. I didnt new it would be like paying money to buy poor service, pathetic response & lots of pain.

1. Airtel seems to expert in giving false commitment just to increase the sales. They claimed to install within 24 hours but its more than 36 hours and there is no response.

2. The worst thing is customer care service support. One cannot imagine how a customer care of such a big organisation will of poorest in quality.
People sitting out there dont have any respect & value for the customers. They are incapable even to understand the problem properly. Moreover, there best strategy is to put on hold for several hours, drop the call.Initially, you will wonder that it might have happened cz of our mistake but soon one will understand that its there strategy.

3. I want to have my money back. I really wonder if its possible. I had called customer care more than 50 times & there had been only cases as described in point no.2 . Moreover, I have sent mail to [email protected] & also to the nodal officer but there had been no response as if now.

4. Even I had tried visiting to the airtel shop. They simply said ” we cannot help, please contact customer care, we are not linked with digital tv “. When I asked the same question to the store manager the reply was no difference. Even I asked explaining the response from the customer care , the answer was no different. Even I had shown them case by calling from the store & that too from their no. . Again there was lot of arrogance in the reply. They are not bothered at all to loose the customers. Sooner I was able to understand there were lot of people facing similar issues.

One take such services in order to enjoy but here the case is entirely different. It seems like Airtel has taken customer for granted & are least bothered to service them. This entire episode had led to lot of incovenience to me & my family members. It has given me such a tension which led to severe headache & voice issues.

I request to help me to get refund of 2690 rs & take strong action against such a irresponsible organisation which does not have any value for customers.

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