false commitment by sales person And i requested for a refund i wrote a complain there bt next time i call there they say no complain of u r dissconnection and refund!

Location/place: Indore

Name of company/service: Tikona

I have taken tikona connection on 18-Apr-12
In tikona there is PC registration ,in my plan i can connect only 3 pc’s!(which i came to know after 3 days) the sail person told me that i can connect as much pc’s i want to connect as i am having my own modem+router!
but after some days problem started
i am having more than 7 devices to connect in my house
now i am asking tikona that give me disconnection and refund my all money m ready to pay the bills. I registered my first complain about this after 3 days of my connection!
sails person (Mr. sandeep gaur)
also said yes it was his mistake he accepted and i said him to come at home so he ignors nd give silly excuses!
i cal him now days he cut my phone and as i call from another no. he answer at same time !
so please this is the only last help !
i want my 1600/- rs back(installation +deposite)
please please help me .2 months hade gone they r not giving me any respond!

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