False allegatuin & Inflated bills

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Punjab National Bank Tie Up

Date: 09.07.2012
From G K Mukherji,
Punjab National Bank,
Flat No. D 1 Ground Floor,
PNB Senior Officers’ Residential Complex,
8, Under Hill Road, Civil Lines, Delhi -110054

Mr. Devendra Tiwari,
Head- Services Experience
M/S Bharti Airtel Ltd.
Airtel Centre, Plot No. 16,Udoyg Vihar, Phase IV, Gurgaon – 122015

Dear Sir,

Reg.: My Airtel Mobile No. 9910140888

Please refer to your letter dated 15.06.2012.

In the above letter you have mentioned that my current plan will expire on 30.06.2012 and you were unable to contact me for the same.

I strongly deny this false ALLEGATION. At least on five occasions, spreading over almost a week, your various officials, including some senior level executive, contacted me on my mobile regarding the captioned matter.

Every time I informed them that M/S Airtel has offered one Corporate tie up package with Punjab National Bank (PNB) and I being, an officer of PNB, have opted for the scheme with monthly charges of Rs.599.00 and I have already submitted the required papers/ documents.

I request you to check your internal telephone call records and initiate action against the erring officials who have reported that they were unable to contact me.

You are Head – Service Experience, but I am sorry to say that my experience is very bitter.

On 23.06.2012, I received one SMS, informing that wef 23.06.2012 new scheme has been activated in my mobile no. I have not received any letter from you till date.

I am regularly paying the monthly bills and the bill upto June, 2012 has been paid.

Surprisingly. I have received 2 consecutive SMS from you that 2 Mobile bills dated 27.06.2012 for Rs.651.18 and dated 06.07.2012 for Rs.1157.82 respectively have been sent to me.

I do not find any reason why so huge amount of bill can be sent to me, despite the fact that my all uptodate bills are paid.

I, on several occasions, tried to contact your customer care number 121 and the no. given on your letter pad 0124 4222222, but no body responded.

I request you to please
(i) Inform me the details of the so huge amount of bill charged to me and to revise the bill for inflated amount, if any.
(ii) The action taken for leveling false allegation against customer.
(iii) To personally try the efficiency of your customer care numbers and if found deficient, please take corrective measures.
An early reply is requested.
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

(G K Mukherji)

The Chairman, M/S Bharti Airtel for kind information and with the request to kindly look into my complaint.

(G K Mukherji)

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