Fake job provider company and looted money in name of giving good jobs

Hello sir/madam,
I gotta call from one of the agent regarding job in international bpo. His contact number is 9967439971. He gave me address of ELITEUP consultancy. It’s address is 1st floor,102/B-wing nazrana apartment, shantawadi lane,Jo road, Andheri west. Their email Id is [email protected] and their contact number is 8291491921.
On 1st October 2018 I reached there…There was kinjal madam who took my interview and she said that she will provide me salary of 14000rs per month for bpo.these BPO is of city bank constumer situated at 10minute walking distance from Andheri station. She also told me that she will give offer letter but I need to pay 1500rs which is consultancy fees and which will be refunded later. She said if I will not get selected then she will provide me interview in another 3 companies within 2 month.By trusting her I paid 1500rs. She told me to come on 3rd october 2018 to collect offer letter… When I reached there on 3rd. There was new madam and she told me that I have to pay another 3000rs for training and in one seminar they will introduce me to company boss .. I said I don’t have further money. Then she said to pay 300 RS only and go for seminar.. I refused to give them that also…..then she told me it’s okay….then I will give u address of company for BPO whenever there will be vacancy. After 1 week I called her and she said..I will provide on Friday …then again you called on Friday she said I will give you Wednesday…and she passed almost month like that .. after a month she gave me address. But on these address there were no company it’s was in dadar…the afte reaching I called her that there was no company like that…then she said address might be changed I will call you later…and give you address…
She gave me another address and when I reached there the interviewer told me that it’s a company for delivery not BPO…after so many harrasment 2 months were passed…. Then I told her to refund my money. She said we will give you date.. as per their policy they should refund my money by within 1 month of application of refund..but it’s 4 months passed they still not provided my refund. And Everytime they are giving excuses…
Kindly help me….
Thank you..

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