Fake Insurance policy

Name: V Amirtha Raj
Account No: 35417303403 (State Bank of India (SBI), Arumanai Branch, Branch Code: 2199).
I have been charged Rupees Ten thousand and Forty Seven (Rs. 10,047/-) on 27/05/16 from my loan account. I inquired this matter with then field officer Mrs. Kavitha, she replied me in irresponsible manner and not clarified my query. She got transfer and then I approached the next field officer several times but he wasn’t able to clear my clarification.
Later on, I filed a complaint to the Branch manager to know the reason for this unaccountable charge and on verification; I came to know that the amount was charged by SBI General Insurance for one insurance policy. The policy is taken in my name by SBI Arumanai Branch without my consent and also they have never sent me any policy details or receipts or policy documents or customer copy.
Without my consent, for the same property (My house) SBI had charged me one SBI General’s “Long Term Home” policy on 21/02/ 2012 and it is valid up to 20/02/2025 (around 7 more years). The policy details are as follows:
Policy Customer ID: 0000000000247302
Policy Number: 0000000000206362
Policy Name: Long Term Home
Policy holder name: V Amirtha Raj.
From above it is quite clear that SBI General Insurance company and SBI, Arumanai Branch had fooled me in a fraudulence manner by imposing fake insurance policy again and again in my loan account. Both the policy had been taken without my consent. In particular, for the second policy, they had charged from my loan account but not given any receipt, customer copy or policy details etc. Charging in my account and suppressing the details is not acceptable. Without knowing the reason for that charges, I visited several times from my work place to the bank. As a Professor in an Engineering College from around 300 kms away from this branch and spent my valuable 15 working days along with huge monetary loss. The negligence, irresponsibility and fraudulence and crooked behavior of SBI Arumanai Branch is the reason for my financial loss and stress.
The same matter had been repeatedly reported to the branch manager and finally around after one year of levying the fake insurance policy, he submitted the request by sending email to SBI General Insurance policy to cancel this merely unlawful policy and reverse the amount. They had refunded the amount Rupees Ten thousand and Forty Seven (Rs. 10,047/-) on June 2017 after 13 months. During this period i.e., from the day of levying the charges up to the day of refunding the amount the bank SBI, Arumanai Branch has charged me several interests, since this fake charge also included along with the outstanding balance.
In connection with this matter, to get the compensation for all my financial loss and mental stresses, ( including the expense and difficulties incurred in visiting the SBI Arumanai Branch, SBI General Insurance Company at Nagercoil Branch also for various interests counted and calculated in my loan account for this fake charges etc.) I approached both SBI offices and SBI General Insurance Offices several times. But they have never considered my requests. I have wasted several days and my valuable working hours in this issue.
The amount charged today cannot be balanced when it is refunded after 13 months. That too after paying heavy interest for that amount throughout the period along with all those mental sufferings and financial losses. Whenever I approach this matter with the bank officials, they direct me to the insurance company, and likewise when I approach SBI General Insurance Company, they direct me to the Bank.
Relating this issue, I have done a severe follow up. Almost 100 e-mails/online complaints to the SBI offices and Insurance Offices and also visited both the bank offices and insurance companies several times and given written complaint in person. Follow up done in SBI from the level of Branch Manager to Regional Manager to Zonal manager to AGM and Ombudsman of the Bank also in the SBI General Insurance Company the follow up is started from the level of branch officer at Nagercoil Office to Customer Service to Customer Head to Insurance Ombudsman and IRDA. The Insurance Offices had directed me to SBI, since SBI only insisted the insurance company for this fake insurance. But no response from the side of SBI. It clearly shows the deficiency in service by the Bank as per Consumer Protection Act.
Now I request, you to consider all my financial loss, mental stress and my most valuable working hours and overwhelm payment. I request you to render me justice by directing the SBI Arumanai Branch to sanction me the compensation of Rupees Five Lakhs (Rs.5,00,000/-) for the deficiency in their service. I herewith enclosed 1. Account Statement 2. Refund Statement by SBI General Insurance Company 3. Few follow ups connection with this matter.
V Amirtha Raj

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